Just Did an Interview About Once More, With Feeling

OMWF MeJust did a great interview with Kevin Hall for his radio show about the movie Once More, With Feeling! A real delight. We also talked about Doctor Who and Doctor Who Am I? – Matthew Jacobs documentary. So much fun!!!

I’ll be putting the link out when it’s ready.


Radagast Island

I swear, no special photo effects.

Pot of Gold

Sylvester playing the spoons at Gally One 2013

Gally 2013Video of Sylvester playing the spoons. The MOST fun!


Left to right:

Charlie Ross, Mark Strickson, Sylvester McCoy and Michael Jayston

Thank you so much lita-of-jupiter on tumblr!

I just saw this. This is a real gift!

I hope I can some to see you in Brazil someday.

11.23.13 BBC Live Show at BFI. 5, 6 and 7 Enter

This was exciting!

Sylvester and I at ExCel.


He’s stolen my heart and he won’t give it back!

Here’s the Beginning at ExCel on the 23rd.

My sweethearts, Sylvester McCoy and Yee Jee Tso at ExCel on THE Anniversary! Everybody was bubbling over. And not just the fans. I mean, EVERYBODY was so happy to be there! Thank you BBC!

Doctor Who:The Movie – A Bridge Between Then and Now

DW Movie Promo shot

Don’t miss Number Eight tonight on BBC America!

BBC America – Watch Doctor Who:The Movie tonight!

DW Movie Promo shot

Hope the Paley Center Airing of Doctor Who:The Movie was successful!

Wish I could’ve been there! I’m getting all Who-ie!! And tonight at 6pm watch BBCA to see it again on the Revisted series!

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