Off to London tomorrow!

Looking forward to Chiswick on Saturday!!!

Memorabilia…I Will Remember You!

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SteamPunk R2D2!

This really was exceptional! See the “coal” in the little window, and smoke came out of its little chimney.


2 Jacks…

And two Sparrows. Loved this.


This was so much fun!!

Amazing Costumes!

Truly impressive costumes at Memorabilia!

3 hours!

Once More, With Feeling

A love story – Between a rock and a hard place

I can never express how grateful I am for your generosity!
I am humbled and very excited about the shoot.
Just 3 hours to join the adventure of filmmaking!


5 Hours and Counting!

I Love you all!! Exceptional! Thank you!!!
Once More, With Feeling – 5 hours and counting!

Once More, With Feeling