Runner-up gifts!

You were all so adorable! I have to send a few of the runner-up’s a little something to remember RegenerEIGHT 2013! Hope you like it.

We made history!!!

They’re about 2X2 inches in size. Courtesy of Brian Uiga!!

Final tally for RegenerEIGHT! 81 countries were at the party!

Looks like the total viewers comes to around 7,000 people!

It could be MUCH more, but this is as close to hard numbers as we can get at this point. (The numbers below have some duplicates represented due to people being redirected when the numbers grew too large)

Truth is, we weren’t prepared for this many people, and I might add, this many countries, to be involved. So crunching the numbers after the fact, is rather difficult. Next time we’ll hopefully get a better idea if you guys can let us know you’re coming to the party, and I’ll make sure there’s enough popcorn for everybody!

Big shout out to Reddit for being responsible for bringing 70% of our people to RegenerEIGHT!! Thank you Reddit!!!

And finally, there were around 10,000 participants! Meaning, 10,000 people were chatting and blogging during the event, even if some were unable to watch the movie with the rest of us.

This was extraordinary, and it’s all down to you…the fans! Thanks for being so wonderful! You’re the BEST!

P.S. These numbers don’t include all the people who were at house parties! 😀

Stats for Regen 1

Stats for Regen 2

Stats for Regen 3

And the winners are….!

Kristine Harbek!

Kristine Harbek


Christine De Ville!

Christine De Ville

Your prizes are on the way!

You both did an amazing job!!!


Here’s Lookin’ at You, Kids. RegenerEIGHT 2013

Remember to send your self addressed envelopes to:

Defining Artists Agency
c/o Daphne Ashbrook
4370 Tujunga Ave., Suite 120
Studio City, CA 91604

If you haven’t already, and if you’d like a commemorative picture. Oh…and the winners will soon be announced!

Thanks everybody! You make me smile!!


Okay guys…Hold on to your hats! The prelim’s are in!

I’ll start with this…FREAKING UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!

6,000 to 7,000 were at the RegenerEIGHT party yesterday!

Due to unexpected duplicates, it will take some time to refine these numbers.

Honestly, I was expecting a few hundred people since that was all I could see online through invite responses on FB and Google. But you guys blew the roof off!

Now here’s something else that blew my mind! And we know this for sure!

Some of the countries represented:

Russia, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Brazil, United States and the United Kingdom.

Mind blowing!!!

Wow! The response has been overwhelming!

We’ve heard people are having difficulty with my store, please be patient.

Web Dalek is working on it! We checked the ‘add to cart’ and it’s working on our end. Due to traffic…it could be weird for you. Don’t give up!

web banner swag

Only 5 1/2 hours to go till RegenerEIGHT!

On your mark!


DW Paul, Yeej, Me Tardis

I’m so excited!

See you guys tomorrow!


DW Movie Promo shot

Doctor Who: The Movie

I hope you all have your popcorn and jelly babies ready! Join the party with Gary Russell, Yee Jee Tso, Ken Deep and I!


Yee Jee, Me & Paul

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