Location Scout for Once More, With Feeling

Looking forward to scouting locations on Monday and Tuesday with our Director of Photography,

Dylan Glockler!

DylanThis at Gallifrey One last February when we were shooting Matthew Jacobs’ documentary Doctor Who Am I?

Best Friends…

Little kid & K9Last February and Gally1.

Sylvester playing the spoons at Gally One 2013

Gally 2013Video of Sylvester playing the spoons. The MOST fun!


Left to right:

Charlie Ross, Mark Strickson, Sylvester McCoy and Michael Jayston

Thank you so much lita-of-jupiter on tumblr!

I just saw this. This is a real gift!

I hope I can some to see you in Brazil someday.

This was the real console from Doctor Who: The Movie

– so we re-enacted the end. Ha! This console, ironically, lives in my neighborhood with the lovely writer/producer Paul Salamoff. He brought her to Gally 2012 – where we couldn’t resist.


Meet the real Grace Holloway!

How cute is she??

Grace Holloway

Smile! I will be taking lots of pictures of YOU in Denver!

This was at Gallifrey One Convention 2013. That’s Shaun Dingwall, Chase Masterson, me and Ian McNeice. I have been known to take a zillion pictures of you guys. So be ready Denver! See you in the Celebrity Summit!! I’ll be the one in black, laughing and with messy hair.

Famous pic

Madame Vastra and Dr. Grace Holloway

With the lovely Neve McIntosh. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting her at Gallifrey One 2013. Such a sweetheart. And I love her in the show! So badass!! But I don’t envy her time in the make-up chair in the morning. I’ve had a little experience with that On Deep Space.


With the Great Nicholas Briggs

This man isn’t just THE voice of the Dalek’s he also runs Big Finish and is very, VERY, funny! I just loved hanging out with him at Gallifrey One. Unfortunately, I think I gave him my cold at that very moment. He took it all the way home with him to England. Sorry Nick!

with Nicholas Briggs

‘I Don’t Need No Doctor’ Surprise at Gallifrey One

@sawboneshex This song is on my album “Grace Notes”. I was scheduled to perform the song and on a whim I asked if Paul McGann, Yee Jee Tso and Charlie Ross if they might want to be my ‘pips’ for the show. And much to my surprise, they said yes! Every time I see this, I crack up. They were so cute! And Colin – I Do need a Doctor in Denver. And since I already know you can sing…warm up before the panel on Sunday! Muahahaha!

doctor song

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