Exeter Event!

So much fun!!!

Excited about this!

he he he


Just Did an Interview About Once More, With Feeling

OMWF MeJust did a great interview with Kevin Hall for his radio show about the movie Once More, With Feeling! A real delight. We also talked about Doctor Who and Doctor Who Am I? – Matthew Jacobs documentary. So much fun!!!

I’ll be putting the link out when it’s ready.


Best Friends…

Little kid & K9Last February and Gally1.

Radagast Island

I swear, no special photo effects.

Pot of Gold

Headed to Joshua Tree today!

I’m gonna find the infamous rock!

Hopefully I’ll have some good photos to share later.

I am so excited!!!!!!!!!

Just did an interview with the delightful Chris Kocher!

Airs at 7:00 PM EST on Tuesday

January 20, 2015

This was for my new album

“All Good Dreamers”


Available now at



“I Don’t Need No Doctor” Video – from “Grace Notes”

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