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LI Who 3!

So, I’m gonna be in NY for the LI Who 3 Convention on November 13-15!

I’ll be talking with Matthew Jacobs about his documentary Doctor Who Am I?, which I participated in, and about my movie, Once More, With Feeling, and all the craziness that adventure was and still is!

And, of course, I’ll be hanging out with my guy, Number Eight. which is always ridiculously fun.

I’ll see you in the pub with all my buddies, Frazer Hines, Sam Stone, David J Howe, Katy Manning, Wendy Padbury, Dan Starkey, Nina Toussaint-White, Ian McNeice, and many more. Can’t wait!

This picture was at Big Finish in 2004. One of my favs.


My Cup Runneth Over!

This is actually Tom Baker’s hat. And, yes, this touched his head…

And the real Polyphase Avatron!


My Crew Slider

#Once More, With Feeling

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Sunrise in Joshua Tree

This was the first day of shoot. It really was magic.

Once More, With Feeling

We’re in Post now.

Sunrise in JT

The Fez

This Fez touched Matt Smth’s head. I’m jus sayin’…


Looking at Q…


This is life…

Working on Once More, With Feeling.

From left to right:

Q Edwards, Luke Cook, Aaron Sauerland, Daphne Ashbrook, Dana Rice, Randall Shea, Kevin Santiago, and Mike Gilliland.

This is Life

Amazing 1st AC!

This is the great Q Edwards.

Doesn’t get any cooler than this.


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