Book: Dead Woman Laughing: Second Edition

Dead Woman Laughing – 2nd Edition

Witty, self-effacing and painfully honest; the themes of life, death and laughter come together as Daphne Ashbrook recounts her many on-and off-screen scrapes with mortality.

Packed with rich anecdotes from her career in TV, stage, and film, this refreshingly candid memoir spans a childhood in a theatrical family to pulling back the curtain of Hollywood, revealing the glamour and ridiculousness of a business mired in a struggle between art and profit.

Known for both her comic timing and deep emotional portrayals, Daphne has appeared in many TV and film roles including the 1996 Doctor Who Movie, in which she played the role of Dr. Grace Holloway and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as the titular character in Melora.

Reflecting on her life and her career, Daphne discovers the surprising patterns and hilarious absurdities that go with being a modern-day professional actor. The result is an amusing, informative and intimate memoir, enhanced with over 50 photos from Daphne’s personal and working lives.

Pull up a bar stool, grab a drink, dim everything but your reading lamp and lose yourself in Dead Woman Laughing. This is the revised second edition with new material, so if you didn’t catch it in its first printing relax —  it’s gotten even better while you were trying to find a copy. Enjoy!

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