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All Good Dreamers

After many fans of her first album "Grace Notes" kept asking when her second album would be coming out, she finally sat down and started recording this year. Daphne’s favorite motto is “Do what you’re afraid of.” “When I feel I am getting too comfortable, I know it’s time to shake things up.” Knowing that she wanted to do exactly that, she chose songs that she says she never would have had the courage to sing four years earlier. Joni Mitchell’s Help Me, Cactus Tree and The Last Time I Saw Richard, and Patty Griffin’s Forgiveness and Not Alone, some of the more difficult to execute vocally. “I felt rather naked, to tell the truth. But that was the point. No more hiding, or taking the safe road. Just the intimacy of the guitar, the voice and the story.”

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“Grace Notes” CD cover

CD: Grace Notes

Stylistically in the Americana/Pop vein, the project features acoustic instruments like piano, guitar, flute, dobro, mandolin & banjo, often blended with electric guitars, synths & drum grooves. Besides Paton & multi-instrumentalist David Vito Gregoli, Grace Notes also features guests singer Jennifer Silver, keyboardists David Joyce (Burt Bacharach/Natalie Cole), Jim Tauber (Tori Amos), & drummer John Mahon (from Elton John’s band).

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