This was such cool part to play. I was already a fan of DS9 … I liked it’s grittiness and darker properties. Melora was the only Elaysian that ever appeared on any of the Star Trek series’ because at the time, the special effects were too expensive to simulate low gravity, (flying with strings attached to a harness) . The role of Melora Pazlar, was one of those that comes along so rarely, you want to grab it with both hands when it does. Well, I did. And I didn’t look back. I didn’t have time for that anyway.

The average day on this shoot consisted of 13 to 15 hours, for those of us who got to enjoy the 4 1/2 hours in the make up chair every morning. Call time was usaually 3 am. And the 45 minutes at the end of the day, just to get out of it. It was a test of physical endurance and the capacity to memorize. The language was new to me; all that technical lingo that had no meaning for me in the beginning. It was another language, after all. The braces I wore during the show proved to be a bit of challenge as well.

Here’s an in depth description of the “Melora” episode from Wikipedia:

The episode’s story mainly consists of a relationship between Chief Medical Officer Julian Bashir and Melora Pazlar, an Elaysian whose species’ physiology is generally incompatible with the strength of artificial gravity found on most humanoid communities, including Deep Space Nine. As a result, Melora must use external mechanical apparatus to exist comfortably on the station. When she is in her quarters she can, and frequently does, adjust environmental settings to simulate her accustomed habitat. However, because of her physical condition, Melora is argumentative, even rude, in insisting that she not be shown any undue accommodation. Nevertheless, Julian sees through Melora’s barriers and the two become romantically involved.

Later in the episode, Bashir develops an application of a neuromuscular adaptation theory that could allow Melora to comfortably walk without the help of any of the equipment she currently uses. Even after successfully participating in tests of Bashir’s new engineering technique, Melora has misgivings. If she goes through with the procedure, she will no longer be able to live in the low-gravity environment of her home world. Lt. Jadzia Dax, during a survey mission with Melora to the Gamma Quadrant, compares her predicament to that of “The Little Mermaid“.

DS9 Melora 7Commander Sisko orders the runabout to be held in a tractor-beam. Kot demands they be released, 38. Melora & Patonshooting Melora to prove his point. Sisko lets them go, but takes Bashir and Chief O’Brien with him in the runabout Rio Grande. The Orinoco is pursued through the Wormhole. Kot orders Dax to fire on the Rio Grande but as she refuses, she notices that Melora is not only still alive, but crawling toward a console controlling the ship’s gravity. In her element after shutting down the gravity, Melora overpowers Kot, who is taken into custody. Sisko orders the runabouts to head for home.

After finally deciding against going through with Julian’s neuromuscular procedure, Melora and Julian enjoy the chef’s serenade at the Klingon restaurant where they had their first date.