Fantastic RegenerEIGHT News!

June 13, 2013 in Announcements, Doctor Who, Featured

The brilliant Ken Deep will be joining me for the live commentary during RegenerEIGHT: The Great Movie Re-Watch of Doctor Who: The Movie on the 23rd of this month!

We’ve become dear friends over the years, and he has extensive knowledge of all things Doctor Who, as well as being a very committed fan. He is a consummate interviewer as I learned when I first met him doing an interview on his Doctor Who Podshock podcast with Louis Trapani and James Naughton. He is also a leader of the Gallifreyan Embassy fanbased monthly meetings in Long Island, New York -that just had it’s 25th Anniversary in 2010. He’s been on the radio in New York, has had a long affiliation with the great ICON of New York, and is now putting together the first Doctor Who Convention in New York – LI Who (Long Island Who) coming this November 8-10. Tickets are still available!

I know everybody in New York knows and loves him, and many in the Doctor Who cast as well; but I wanted to introduce him to the rest of the world. He is one of the most genuinely good, funny and smart people I’ve had the priviledge to call friend. So be sure to join us both on June 23rd for the biggest Doctor Who party ever – on both sides of the pond! We are all one big family!

I couldn’t be more excited!!!

Please click the pic for more info. on RegenerEIGHT!

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