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Daphne's Memoir, Dead Woman Laughing

Daphne’s Memoir, Dead Woman Laughing

Daphne is known for her free spirit and sense of fun, dancing gracefully from stage to screen to auditorium with her eyes searching for the stars while her feet stay on the ground. Her wit, humor, and sense of timing have long made her a favorite among fans and peers alike, and more recently she’s taken an interest in blogging from behind-the-scenes at her appearances. Her memoir, Dead Woman Laughing, has now entered its second updated edition with more anecdotes and reflections on life on both sides of the camera — and occasionally behind a microphone.

Daphne's album, Grace Notes

Daphne’s album, Grace Notes

In Grace Notes, her most recent musical project, she shares her talents as a musician and vocalist through songs she’s collected that span a range of styles, moods, and time periods showing us a side of herself that is truly graceful in voice and warm at heart. As a bonus, there’s a special rendition of “I Don’t Need No Doctor” for those who remember her days as the companion to the Eighth Doctor on Doctor Who.



A Day in the Life

Rehearsing at the scout in Joshua Tree.
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A day in the life

Okay…it’s only fair….

I think this was one of my meltdowns. LOL!

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Dylan rock camera pointedDP Dylan Glockler on location in Joshua Tree.